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Welcome to my page for my current project—my debut novel, a queer YA contemporary fantasy book. Here you can find some fun information on the story, characters, and where I’m at in the process!

The title is AN INHERITANCE SO DARK and it’s book one of a planned duology.

Rough synopsis: Being part of a psychic family means that Miles Warren isn’t exactly a normal seventeen-year-old boy. He can sense people’s feelings, knows more about rituals to release a malevolent spirit than what’s going on with his calculus homework, and spends his nights digging up graves and investigating potentially-haunted houses instead of watching T.V. or going to parties. But, even for him, it’s concerning when he starts seeing the face of a random boy in his mirror, and visions of his murder.

Miles soon finds out the boy is Gabriel, middle son of the Hawthornes, a wealthy, reclusive, snobby family of psychics who happen to have a centuries-old feud with the Warrens. Gabriel’s as bad as the rest of them and the last thing Miles wants to do is help a Hawthorne, especially one as infuriating and entitled as Gabriel. But the visions have come to Miles for a reason, and even he isn’t stubborn enough to ignore fate.

As they work together to solve Gabriel’s murder before it happens, they discover dark secrets at the core of their families—black magic, twisted spirits, unnatural powers—and an unexpected connection that pulls them together.

My main character, Miles Warren, is an anxiety-ridden, gay teenage boy with empathetic gifts and lots of conflicted feelings over the course of the book. His closest friend is his cousin, Charlee, who thinks getting involved with the Hawthornes is a Bad Idea™ and says so quite often. He needs a hug and a vacation.

Gabriel Hawthorne, the boy whose life Miles is trying to save, is a touch-starved, sweater-vest wearing teenage boy with Scorpio sass and big secrets. His family is the definition of dysfunctional, but he’s protective of his younger brother, Bram. He’ll never admit it, but under his icy-cold exterior is a beating heart with big dreams.

This story is a…

Love letter to witchy vibes, mysterious gothic mansions, dark forests, and idiotic queer boys who don’t understand how feelings work. Though the tone feels dark—spooky ghosts out for revenge, families with dark secrets, a looming murder—it’s really about two boys finding unexpected compassion for each other in a world where they both feel alone and like outcasts.

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