Short Stories

Several of my short stories have been published by Lemon & Lime Fiction.

Of Saltwater and Scales

Sentenced to death, Kaia finds herself offered to the serpent that rules the sea outside of her city. Instead of being devoured, she awakens on an island of women who were also saved by Galen, a man bound to the water and his serpent form. Given a second chance at life, she finds herself determined to follow her heart, even when it means defying the sea itself.

The Wild and the Wicked

Unable to pass up the chance at a mountain of gold and the freedom it offers, Meri found herself standing at the edge of a forest that townsfolk swear steals people, planning to go kill a witch and rescue a kidnapped princess. Apparently, she’d decided her freedom was worth dying for.

It Comes in Waves

After winning a getaway to the little seaside town of Wayland Beach, Oregon, grieving Maya finds more than she bargains for when she meets the local bookshop owner.

One of Two

The first time I die, I see her.

Loved and Lost

Unconscious and tied to a kitchen chair, he doesn’t look like a monster.

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